Astrology Readings with Jupiter Melchizedek

Jupiter is practicing witch, root worker, and astrologer, available to clients to prepare Astrological Natal Charts and transits. Jupiter teaches classes on folk magick techniques, astrology, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and yoga.


Hour Astrology reading: $75

Brandon Loucks Palmistry

Brandon is a practicing witch and Priest of The Sojo Circle Coven in Greenville, NC.  He draws from his natural intuition, and knowledge of Indian, Chinese and modern palmistry techniques. He is available for Palm Readings on most Saturdays 12:00-6:00 at The Sojourner. He takes appointments and walk-ins. Call 252-758-7656 to arrange your session time.

What can a palm reading can do for you?
1) Heighten your level of self understanding.
2) Help you find direction in your life.
3) Discover blockages that keep your true self from shining through and find ways to eliminate these blockages so that you can live your life to it's fullest potential.

Introductory Reading: $15
Full Reading: $25
Full Reading plus I-Ching: $35. "It's a great way to find the current direction peoples lives are taking. After I've used this technique people have described the results as "spot on" and "mind blowing"!

Why I Like Reading Palms

The main reason I like reading palms is that it is a great way to get to know interesting people very well. I feel a bond with each person I've read for and that is something that is very special to me.

Another reason is that I feel fulfilled by caring for people. Some people come to me seeking direction in their lives or wanting to know if they are on the right path. I can help them find find the answers because the answers are already inside them and are often encoded in their hands. Many times the answers lie in the strengths people have.

During many readings I find problems that people are dealing with. Stress in general is the biggest, most common problem. I always encourage people who are already working on ways of dealing with their problems to continue. Many times I recommend that people start practicing meditation which I have experienced to be the single most effective way to deal with stress and other problems. I have also started recommending helpful visualizations and reflexology techniques that can be more effective than most people realize.

As I work on my palmistry skills I seek to find more ways to help people heal themselves and to use their own inner strengths to deal effectively with their problems.

I'm not a doctor of any kind,  and I'm also working on a lot of problems myself, but if I can help someone in some small way it makes me feel wonderful.


"Definitely a fantastic experience. Very accurate in his reading, very kind, and very intuitive. I would absolutely recommend his services."

"Genuinely nice gentleman who was very informative and patient during my reading today. He even offers advice for you after your reading. Very happy- I highly recommend him!"

Heron Rising Spiritual Services With Heron Michelle

Heron is a practicing witch and priestess of the Sojo Circle Coven in Greenville, NC. A practitioner of Reiki energy healing through the Lotus Blossom tradition of Usui Reiki since 2005, she achieved the level of Reiki Master in 2013.

Tarot Card Readings using the Thoth Tarot Deck:
$40/half hour reading.

Past-Life Retrievals
**This service is currently unavailable** $100, for a 90 Minute session. This is a form of clairvoyant trance-work, and includes an attuned crystal to keep, Reiki healing of past life wounds, and a three-card tarot reading for clarification. Clients may record the session.

Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra balancing, Crystal Healing
$75 for an hour of energy clearing and balancing, using a variety of modalities, for improved wellness and balance on all levels: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.


“Yesterday I had the privilege of a past-life reading from Heron Rising, and it was an experience I will treasure for a long time. The Life …was described in great detail, both the mundane details and the emotions…The behavior and emotional patterns from the other Life also strongly fit the meanings of the South and North Nodes in my astrology chart, which are thought to embody past life information. There was a concrete realness to this person. I had no doubts whatsoever that Michelle was talking to real Spirit…I can say that this experience was the most vibrant past- or other-life experience I’ve ever had…I would highly recommend you all experience this.” ~Anna Helvie, Reiki Master/Teacher

Herbal Consultations and Instruction with Courtney Varnadoe

Courtney is our Apothecary Manager, Herbalist and Class Instructor specializing in uses and preparations of herbs and teas for medicinal and spiritual purposes, as well as bath and body care products, home cleaning products, etc.

She is available by appointment for herbal consultation and private instruction on their uses. $40/half-hour

The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions

Spirit Communication and Psychometry with Edward Zula

By Appointment: 252-542-8865

Private and Group Readings, home and business consultation.

Edward Zula has been providing private readings, clarity, and comfort to his Los Angeles clients for more than thirty years.  He uses psychometry (reading energy from objects and photos), clairsentience, and spirit communication to help clients with questions about relationships, career, important life decisions, and help resolve grief and loss. In his readings he uses cards, a pendulum, meditation, and any sentimental or meaningful objects the client wishes to share. He explains that he does not “see” spirits standing over anyone’s shoulder as a traditional medium might, but rather feels their presence, often hears them, and gets a sense of their physical appearance with his eyes closed.


"I was completely blown away by what he knew about me and my life before I ever spoke to him.  He knew specific details of passed loved ones (including personalities, the bright pink color of grandmother’s sweater and grandfather’s profession!). The experience was very comforting. He is beyond talented and I highly recommend him for a reading.” 
                                                                                                                                                                                            K. L., Charlotte, NC